Has Coronation Street axed Kevin Webster’s purple bomber jacket?

Kev's famous coat has been mysteriously replaced


Has Coronation Street mechanic Kevin Webster got rid of his purple bomber jacket? The faded lilac coat has seen Kev through decades of marriage break-ups and punch-ups, but appears to have been binned off in favour of a new taupe-coloured creation that – I think we can all agree – is no substitute for the iconic original.


Separating Kevin from his purple coat is as grievous a sin as telling Roy that he can no longer carry his shopping bag around or banning Rita from wearing sequinned mohair cardigans. So why the seismic change?


Kev’s old coat (above). Kev’s new coat (below). We’re disgusted by this change


In the past, Michael Le Vell has made no secret of his passion for the jacket, while co-stars Brooke Vincent, Dean Fagan and Alan Halsall have also demonstrated their love for Kev’s choice of outerwear. Indeed, the phrase “you look like you’re wearing a Webster” has now become accepted urban parlance for someone who has worn the same coat since 1988. (OK, so we made that last bit up).


Soap fans do, of course, like to be taken by surprise by unpublicised plot twists. But surely some warning could have been given that such an iconic Corrie costume was to be unceremoniously dumped? A statement before transmission that the pivotal episode was to contain intense scenes? A careline number for those who had been emotionally affected?

RadioTimes.com has reached out to Coronation Street for a comment. But, quite frankly, the damage has already been done.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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