Emmerdale: Rebecca and Robert kiss!

And Diane walks in on them...


Robert Sugden might swear there’s nothing going on between him and his ex Rebecca White, but it certainly doesn’t look that way in upcoming episodes of Emmerdale, when the pair kiss! However, it’s all initiated by Rebecca, who misreads the mood, and Robert knocks her back immediately.


Aaron, Robert’s fiancé, is wary of Rebecca and feels jealous when he sees the two of them together. Ryan Hawley, the actor who plays Robert, explains: “Rebecca hanging around the village obviously irritates Aaron somewhat. She’s asking Robert for favours and for help. It would be quite easy for Aaron to misinterpret, or to perhaps correctly interpret, that they’re having some kind of affair together.”

At the beginning of next week, Robert does his best to assure Aaron that his relationship with Rebecca is platonic and there is nothing to worry about. “Robert and Aaron are very happy to have evaded the grip of death. They are trying to put their lives on the right track now, and they’re very happy to be a couple who are engaged and ready to be married”, says Hawley.


But later in the week, in the back room of the Woolpack, Rebecca seeks reassurance from Robert. Hawley adds: “She’s still attracted to him. She wants to win him back.” He, however, is more worried about Aaron seeing them together.


They reminisce about the past and Rebecca leans in for a kiss, but Robert pulls away, telling her that they have to stick to their plan. It seems that Aaron was right to be worried.


And further pressure comes when Diane walks in on them unexpectedly and overhears them. She is shocked to learn what Robert is planning, but he’s worried about how much she saw. Hawley gives some insight into how his character is feeling: “Anyone would be worried about what someone saw or heard if they were kissing someone else that wasn’t their partner. Given the fact that Robert has a history with Rebecca he’s very worried that she might tell Aaron and then that might break up the whole relationship.”

Robert’s certainly anxious about what Diane knows, but relieved when he finds out that she didn’t hear everything… So what part of Robert and Rebecca’s conversation did Diane miss? And Will Aaron find out about the pair’s fleeting kiss?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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