The Apprentice after hours: Sex ‘n’ drugs ‘n’ price control make this week’s episode an adult-themed success

Contains swearing and drug references...


There’s something a bit funny in the air during tonight’s episode of the Apprentice.


Maybe it’s the fact that the latest task (the one where they have to buy random items from different suppliers) interrupts a day off, or that they have to do it overnight from the late evening to the early morning, but the candidates are a little edgier than normal.

One makes a joke about male testicles, another boasts of his prowess as a lover (no prizes for guessing who), while two more end up loudly serenading a sleeping colleague with a rendition of Lionel Richie’s All Night Long.

(At one point Frances also asks if Brick Lane in London is “The Ghetto”, but that’s more just funny than anything else.)

Even Lord Sugar gets in on the action, making a surprise marijuana joke when discussing the teams’ difficulty in tracking down tagines (a Northern African cooking dish).

“Mind you, to be fair I suppose walking around London in the middle of the night looking for a strong Moroccan pot, you could’ve got yourself into trouble anyway,” he quips.

And Karren Brady, disappointed with candidate Alana Spencer’s flirty negotiating technique, almost makes things even racier.

“I feel like he liked all three of us and he wanted to give us a good deal,” Alana said in the boardroom, before Karren interjects.

“He wanted to go to bed, Alan…” says the Baroness with a pregnant pause, before adding – “It was one o’clock in the morning.”

Given all this near-the-knuckle drama, it seems fitting that the episode is capped off by the fired candidate using colourful language to describe their time in the process. The Apprentice is definitely making more use of its post-watershed airtime this year.

Here’s hoping that this entertaining new “edge” to the Apprentice doesn’t fade once the candidates have got more sleep. Actually, scratch that – this episode has convinced us that a BBC3 online “Apprentice After Hours” should be in the offing. Whoever can make that happen is definitely hired.


The Apprentice airs on BBC1 tonight (Thursday 10th November) at 9:00pm