Scarlett Johansson’s Ghost in the Shell body suit revealed

Our first glimspe at the confusing 'nude' thermoptic costume


The new teaser trailer for Ghost in the Shell has finally answered what many fans have been wondering about the 2017 movie: how are the filmmakers going to deal with the ‘nude’ thermoptic suit worn by lead character Major Motoko Kusanagi? 


The newly released 13-second clip taken from the upcoming adaption of the Japanese manga of the same name shows a kick-ass Scarlett Johansson wearing the suit as she takes down an unsuspecting gunman. 

She’s not actually stark naked, though, right? No, but that’s a move away from the comics – one of the main scenes in the Ghost in the Shell manga sees its main character appearing to strip naked before plunging from a massive skyscraper to assassinate a target, all while seemingly fully nude. 

However, after she finds her target, it’s revealed that her birthday suit is actually a high-tech thermoptic suit that makes The Major invisible.

But the filmmakers decided to sidestep the completely au naturale option: “We’re not actually trying to pretend she’s naked,” explained producer Avi Arad to IGN.

Instead, costume designers for the film designed a skin-toned suit modelled on Scarlett Johansson’s body that wouldn’t force her to run around naked in the film, but instead would visually convey the idea of Major’s thermoptic suit from the anime.

So, there you have it: how to make somebody look naked, kick-ass and not naked all at once.


Ghost in the Shell is due for release in 2017