Online abuse? It’s water off a comedian’s back says Dave Gorman

"It’s sort of like writing a letter to McVities saying ‘I hate your biscuits'"


In his comedy show Modern Life Is Goodish, Dave Gorman has a lot of fun looking at the strange, offensive and hilarious world of the internet.


But in his own life he has made a pledge: he is not going to take online criticism of himself seriously any more.

The comedian, whose fourth series of the comedy starts on Dave tonight, says he and a friend recently realised how easy it was to ignore the missiles of loathing that he – in common with many in the public eye – receive from strangers.

“It’s sort of like writing a letter to McVities saying ‘I hate your biscuits’. They would have a polite response saying ‘We’re terribly sorry you were disappointed in our biscuits’ but you know deep down they’re saying ‘How many biscuits did we sell this week?'”

“Anyone who ever appears on TV knows that someone somewhere is going ‘Oh, not that c***” again’. You just do, and we do it, I do it about people as well, and I’m sure you do. Everybody has that about somebody somewhere. And nobody is stupid enough to work in this industry and actually think that everyone does, or should, like them all the time.”

However, Gorman said that as a white male it is easier to brush off criticism because there are certain unpleasant insults he never receives.

“Me and my friend are white blokes aren’t we? And so we’re in the easy place. If you’re a woman, or a person of colour, the abuse you get is so much different to the abuse we get.

“We get strangers telling us they don’t like our work, fine. Women get people telling you whether or not they’re ‘f****ble’. They’re just two completely different things, and we don’t have to deal with that. My experience is different to other people’s, who I absolutely empathise with how they must find it a place of greater despair. I don’t want to get on the high horse, I’m aware it’s easier for someone like me.”

Gorman is now such a fixture on Dave that he has already committed to making a fifth series of Modern Life is Goodish next year.

After that, the comedian who has gained an army of fans with his stage and TV shows such as Are you Dave Gorman? and Dave Gorman’s Googlewack Adventure, says he is unsure of what he will be doing next. 

“We were halfway through making series three when they commissioned series four and five. I wouldn’t expect to hear whether they want more until we were into making series five.

“The plan is for there to be eight [episodes] in series five. I’m already at a point where I go ‘You know what, that is a huge amount of work to leave behind. I’ve done twenty eight hours of stand up already, on telly.’ It’s so much more than most people will get to put on record in any way shape or form. So, it’s already a lovely thing.” 


The new series of Dave Gorman: Modern Life is Goodish begins on Dave on Tuesday 8th November at 10pm