Emmerdale: will Diane SHOOT Chrissie in shock showdown?

What is it with shotguns and Home Farm?


It seems that the shotgun is the weapon of choice in Emmerdale next week, as Diane threatens to get trigger happy with Chrissie. 


Ever since she  found out that Andy was framed for Lawrence’s attempted murder, Diane has been on the warpath. Early next week, she’s frustrated after being cautioned for her behaviour, Rebecca promises she’ll talk to Lawrence and tries to defend her. Lawrence later reassures Diane and partner Doug that he doesn’t intend to evict them.

At the pub, Chas asks Diane to go through and talk to Robert. She stumbles upon him and Rebecca having a private conversation and both hears and sees more than she should (you can read more about that here). 

Diane then tries to talk to Chrissie but she responds by threatening her. Diane, who is at the end of her tether, makes her way to Home Farm to have it out with the Whites. Fuming, she picks up the shotgun Lawrence forgot to put away and aims it squarely at Chrissie.


A desperate Chrissie begs for her life and ends up explaining everything that happened when Lachlan shot Lawrence, breaking down as she tells her that she’s scared of her own son. Little does she know that Lachlan is secretly filming the whole thing. Later, he re-watches the recording of his mother betraying him on a loop.

The following day, Lachlan bunks off school. Chrissie is worried sick and Lawrence sends Rebecca out to look for him. Despondent and subdued after what his mum said about him, Lachlan is vulnerable to Rebecca’s suggestion that he hand himself in to the police. Rebecca then calls Chrissie and lies, telling her she hasn’t seen him.

Later, a police officer knocks on the door at Home Farm. Chrissie and Lawrence are horrified, but Rebecca smirks on from afar. Lawrence asks Ronnie to supervise Lachlan while Chrissie agonises over whether to confess herself.


As the police interview starts, Lachlan hopes to come clean about what happened but make it seem like an accident. Before too long, though, Chrissie is left distraught.

Will Lachlan be able to convince the police that it was an accident and get away with his crime?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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