Emmerdale: Pierce’s paranoia grows – is he right to be jealous of Paddy?

Rhona gets flowers from the mysterious 'P' - are they from Paddy?


Paddy seemed to have accepted that Rhona has moved on with Pierce, especially after the crash – but viewers will be left questioning whether Pierce is justified in feeling jealous next week in Emmerdale.


With Paddy so close by it seems that Pierce is finding it hard to forget about the past, and a series of events will only add to his paranoia in upcoming episodes.

At the beginning of the week, Pierce is annoyed when Paddy gives him some advice about how to manage Rhona’s pain without the use of pills. He only wants to help but Pierce views it as interference.


Later, in the pub, Liv spills hot custard all over Rhona by accident. Both Pierce and Paddy leap up to berate a humiliated Liv for being so clumsy. She jokes that Paddy must be trying to get into Rhona’s good books but there’s an awkward moment when it becomes clear that she has unwittingly hit the nail on the head.


Afterwards, Rhona is delighted when she receives a beautiful bouquet of flowers from ‘P’ and assumes they’re from Pierce.


He, however, didn’t send the flowers and assumes the other ‘P’ must be Paddy, which only adds to his resentment.


Meanwhile, Marlon’s disconcerted when Liv tells him that Paddy is obviously still in love with Rhona. He discusses the matter with Bob but, due to some seriously unfortunate timing, a furious Pierce overhears everything.

Later in the week, Paddy makes Rhona an offer she can’t refuse. She thanks him for being so generous. Pierce is practically emitting steam from his ears by the time they return home to find yet more flowers!

Are the flowers from Paddy? And how much longer can Pierce contain this building jealousy?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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