Karen Gillan’s been teaching Scottish lingo to the Jumanji crew

Do you ken which word she taught them?


Scotland and America may speak the same language but that’s where many of their similarities end. Scotland has Irn Bru, kilts, chip sauce, Edinburgh castle and, er, scotch tape. America has Donald Trump. 


So it falls to Scottish actress Karen Gillan to pass on some wisdom from Britain’s bonny nation to the yanks across the pond, a task she’s taken very seriously over the years. 

Her latest lesson comes from the behind-the-scenes of her new movie Jumanji where she’s been teaching the costume and make-up team a little something about Scottish lingo – namely the word “bawbags”. 

It's Saturday night on the set of Jumanji and I'm teaching the costume and hair girls a few Scottish phrases

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For the uninitiated, “bawbag” is the Scottish word for scrotum but is often used to describe someone who is annoying, useless, foolish or stupid. Eg. “Donald Trump is a total bawbag”. It’s kind of catchy.