Emmerdale: Victoria slaps Ross following shock kiss! See the first-look pictures

And there are further surprises after Adam finds out what's happened...


Emmerdale lothario Ross is to make a play for Victoria in next week’s episodes – but won’t get the reaction he’s hoping for. In fact, scenes to be shown on Wednesday 9 November will see a furious Victoria slap Ross across the face after he leans in for a kiss.


Speaking about the upcoming drama, actress Isabel Hodgins – who plays Victoria – said: “Ross and Adam aren’t getting on, so Ross ends up having a chat with Victoria about the situation. She’s quite a nice person, so she’s trying to be a good listener.

“But Ross, being the nasty person he is, decides that making a pass at Victoria would be a good way of getting back at Adam. She’s horrified and gives him a big slap.

“Victoria then has this inner struggle – it meant nothing to her, but Adam’s half brother has tries to kiss her. In the end, she confides in Finn and Adam overhears!”


After finding out what’s been going on, Adam then comes to blows with Ross, only for Victoria to end up being caught up in the conflict. When she’s pushed to the ground, Victoria ends up in need of medical attention.

And then comes a further bombshell discovery. Adds Hodgins: “Victoria reveals that she thinks she may be pregnant. She must have suspected for a couple of weeks, but has pushed it to the back of her mind. It wouldn’t be ideal for them to have a baby right now.”


With Adam having recently lost both his sister Holly and biological father James, it seems that the pressure of impending fatherhood might prove too much for him to handle. “Adam says that he’ll support Victoria whatever happens. Victoria then confides in Finn that she’d like to have a baby, but she isn’t sure it’s what Adam wants.”

So what will the result be when Victoria takes her pregnancy test? Find out when the storyline unfolds all this week.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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