Coronation Street: new Caz stalker twist revealed – is Maria in grave danger?

Maria's every move is being watched on hidden cameras...


Twisted Caz Hammond (Rhea Bailey) is keeping a close eye on her prey in next week’s episodes of Coronation Street, as these sinister new pictures reveal.


Corrie fans know that Caz is alive and well, what with her having been glimpsed skulking in the shadows in last Friday’s double bill.

But the Weatherfield police currently seem to have the impression that Maria (Samia Longchambon) has done away with her errant former lodger, thanks to some incriminatory bloodstains found both in her flat and on a rug.

Next week’s episodes of the ITV soap will see Maria turning up for work, only to find that all her clients have cancelled now word has got round she’s suspected of murder.

In the end, Maria will be seen confessing to the police about her sham marriage to Pablo, but insisting that she’s telling the truth about Caz. Explaining that there will be an investigation, the officers then let Maria go.

Back home, Maria enters her flat with trepidation, her nerves shot. Beth, Kirk and Peanut then call round to put Maria’s mind at rest, with Kirk doing a few checks to make sure there’s nothing to worry about… 

But little do they realise that Caz has upped the ante by installing webcams in Maria’s flat and is now watching events unfold from her tablet. Just what wicked scheme is Caz cooking up? 

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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