Twitter wastes no time telling The Apprentice candidates how to spell gilet

"Imagine being in the line-up to be Alan Sugar's next business partner but you can't even spell gilet"


The Apprentice’s Trishna Thakrar thought she was being clever when she admonished her team about a misspelling in the group’s advert for cycling gear: “You spelt ‘gilet’ wrong! We’re doing a gilet but we spelt ‘gilet’ wrong…it’s G-I-L-L-E-T.”


Huh, really? The nation simultaneously googled the word “gilet”. Graph courtesy of Google Trends.


But we weren’t going mad: it really is spelled G-I-L-E-T, not gillet. A scornful Claude Littner tracked Trishna down to break the news that her correction was, in fact, wrong, prompting red faces all round.

For her part, Trishna has taken the whole thing with a pinch of salt…


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