Why The Crown is the new Queen of quality entertainment

The critically acclaimed original series The Crown is one more reason to let Netflix revolutionise the way you watch

We’ve all had that “Oh… I see!” moment. You’ve finally succumbed to the innovation that’s taking over the world
– and when you try it yourself, you realise what the fuss was about. You’d kick yourself for not heeding the hype earlier if you weren’t enjoying your new toy so much.


I’d put Netflix in that category of ridiculously easy life-changers, up there with the iPhone, cordless vacuums and having the big shop delivered instead of trudging round the supermarket.

How straightforward it is 
to join Netflix and watch it on your TV is one thing – but as someone who enthuses about TV for a living in Radio Times, for me it’s the sheer variety of great dramas, documentaries and family favourites, available whenever you want, that make it a must.Once you’ve stopped saying “What’s on TV?” and started asking “What do we want to watch?”, everything’s different. 

A welcome addition to family living

Netflix slots seamlessly into everyday 
life. Take a lazy, wintry Saturday in my own household. My sons kick off with one of Netflix’s array of animated shows on the living room TV: Dinotrux? Dragons: Race to the Edge? Horrid Henry? As long as I get a lie-in…

Then in the afternoon their younger cousin is round and Peppa Pig goes on, or we enjoy Horrible Histories – uninterrupted, because Netflix has no ads – together as a family. 

Once the kids are finally asleep at night, it’s back to the big screen – or to bed, with the iPad – where my wife and I cue up another episode of whatever suits our mood. We normally favour something moreish, like legal drama The Good Wife or the mother/daughter sass of Gilmore Girls.

Or maybe we dive into the tense, cool crime drama of Fargo. Or just a classic episode of Ab Fab. Or we take Netflix’s recommendation on something we’d never have predicted: we didn’t expect to spend last January obsessed
by a miscarriage of justice in Wisconsin, but then we found everyone was bigging up the documentary Making a Murderer for a reason. 

Right now we’re watching sumptuous original drama The Crown, which tells the story of the first decade of Elizabeth II’s reign. You can get a taste of it in the video below.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSj1U300ntY

If it were on old-fashioned once-a-week telly, The Crown would be slotted in on Sunday at 9pm, but as it’s on Netflix, we’re gorging on two or three episodes a night on our own schedule.

Beyond the faultless, luxurious detail and high-quality cast is a sophisticated saga where personal emotions are as important as royal protocol. It’s sensational.

Groups of friends who have never had that “Oh, you must see this, it’s on Netflix” conversation will be having it now about The Crown. If you’re still not on board with Netflix, maybe The Crown will tip you over. You’ll never look back.


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