The Missing series 2: YOUR best theories about what is going on in the BBC1 drama

Half-way through the BBC1 drama, are we any closer to solving the mystery?


Four episodes in to The Missing, four still to come – have you got a theory yet?


The perplexing BBC1 mystery has given us plenty of clues but precious few answers, and we’re no nearer to discovering the truth of what really happened to Alice Webster and/or Sophie Giroux.

That said, the series has got people thinking like never before, with hundreds of comments coming in to Radio Times’s Facebook page and each episode’s recap.

So, do they get us any closer to the truth? Has someone managed to guess what’s really going on in The Missing? Check out some of our favourite theories below, and add your own at the bottom of the page.

The girl in the fire was Alice after all


The revelation that there WAS a DNA match between the dead girl found in the shed and father Sam Webster has got everybody thinking. What could be the solution? Liz Rymer on Facebook has a suggestion.

“Having caught up this week on the first 3 episodes and watched tonight’s, I’m convinced that the girl in the shed was a dead body (actual Alice) planted by girl now in Switzerland (Sophie… or the new, third girl!!) who has plotted something – but for what aim is yet unclear.

“The two army guys obviously in collusion – Henry Reed now dead and the other [Stone] with dementia meant she got ‘forgotten’ but managed to escape. Bloody amazing TV. Thanks BBC.”

Michelle Anne Wilkinson agrees, saying in last night’s comments, “The girl in Switzerland is Sophie; she put Alice’s body in the shed and then set it alight after making her escape.” 


“I think she killed real Alice and the other girl because jealousy,” says MissDeep Sense (appropriate name for this kind of detective work. “I think the actual real man behind this is with her now. Just so they can live in peace and bring up their kid(s)?!” 

Well, the girl in Switzerland did say she was “taken”.

But there is another theory.

Sam had a daughter with another woman


“The DNA positive was for the father Sam (not for Gemma the mother).So I think he had another daughter, as well as Alice, with another woman,”

– Charlotte Cosson

This idea was echoed by plenty of others; we know already that Sam has been unfaithful to Gemma with Eve Stone, but could there be a previous liaison we don’t know about yet? 

“With the butcher’s wife?” adds Klaus Spohr. Now that’s an interesting suggestion. Nadia was in the Army too, of course. It brings that whole storyline of the apparently innocent butcher back into focus.

“Sam is the father of both Alice and Sophie?” suggests Anna Pritchard. This feels like a stretch, given that we’ve seen Sophie’s parents in the drama – the Giroux family lived in France, not Germany, and there’s nothing to suggest their history crosses with the Websters. But you never know…

What happened to Henry Reed?


“I think Henry Reed could maybe have been the rather of ‘Alice’s’ baby and maybe that’s why she put the flowers down. When she spoke to her parents about the kidnapping and the baby last week, she said there were times when she was happy. Maybe she developed a connection?”

– Nicola Watmough

This is very good. It would explain the flowers, and his eventual death could be related: did Stone think they were getting too close?

“Maybe she went to the grave as Reed was ‘kinder’ perpetrator than Stone,” says Katarzyna Kate Tambor. “It was him who took them to theme park etc, but had to be ‘silenced’ by Stone for whatever reason.”

Although there is another possible explanation for his apparent suicide: “I think Alice/Sophie killed Henry Reed; as has been said before he was in a good place and wasn’t suicidal, but it’s far too complicated to work my minuscule brain around any more of the plot!”

We hear you Ian Dingle-Wood.

Stone doesn’t really have dementia


“Stone doesn’t really have dementia, is playing it up to cover up his abduction of the two girls.”

– Alison Couper

Yes, Stone overhearing all those conversations between Gemma and Eve is a concern, given what we know about him. He’s clearly suspicious, but surely it’s too obvious for him to be the cause of it all? Like Ian Garrett in series one, he could have done terrible things, but not have been responsible for the missing girls.

“I reckon they were in a paedophile ring moving young girls over Europe,” suggest Richard Edwards. That would explain the links between Stone and Reed, Mirza Barzani and Iraq. 

Sophie is the girl in Switzerland


“I definitely think Sophie is the girl in Switzerland. The waiter was talking to her in French and she understood it. If this WAS Alice, would she have understood and replied? Sophie is obviously French so she would know the language.”

– Sam Richardson

In all the confusion of episode four, we didn’t stop to think about this. Good spot Sam.

But this is just the half-way stage. Next week’s episode is set to reveal even more clues. Are you ready? Check back on all our theorising from the first four weeks here.