Home and Away: Kat arrests Ash – plus the lives of Billie and her baby hang in the balance!

7-11 November 2016: Plus Caroline’s secrets are exposed and she admits that she is terminally ill


Monday 7 November


Having witnessed Ash in the middle of what looked to be a dodgy deal with Simmo, Kat is left with no choice but to arrest him. Things between Matt and Evelyn remain frosty after their friends-with-benefits arrangement fell apart. Phoebe is stunned when Justin hires Hope to work at the garage. 

Tuesday 8 November

Justin intercepts Phoebe’s date and warns him that he will just be a rebound. Billie is stunned when VJ’s frustrations get the better of him and he admits that he feels trapped in their relationship. Ash’s attempt to fix his mistake has deadly consequences. Mason suspects that something is happening between Evelyn and Brody. 

Wednesday 9 November

The lives of Billie and her baby hang in the balance. VJ beats himself up over how he left things with Billie and wonders if he will get a chance to make amends. Nate takes blood tests from VJ and the baby, and makes a shocking discovery. 

Thursday 10 November

Billie tells Nate the truth about the baby and pleads with him not to tell VJ. Caroline is thrown when Duncan raises the possibility of her and Bryce staying in Summer Bay. Hunter makes a snap choice and announces that he is going to be a physiotherapist. Leah and Zac try to talk VJ out of quitting school. 


Friday 11 November

When Roo finds Caroline unconscious with Bryce nowhere to be seen, she searches Caroline’s caravan and finds her stash of marijuana. Duncan decides to fight for sole custody of Bryce. Leah’s suspicions rise when she finds out that Zac lied to her about being in work.