EastEnders: Masood gives Belinda a shock ultimatum

Belinda is forced to choose between business and her fledgling relationship


Belinda Peacock has been digging herself deeper and deeper into a financial hole ever since she opened beauty salon Elysium. And now – with the bailiffs on their way – she has an important choice to make on next week’s EastEnders when Masood issues her with a surprise ultimatum.


Belinda has been stuffing bills into drawers and burying her head in the sand for weeks, but now the authorities are breathing down her neck. And when she’s given a final warning, it’s Masood to whom she turns for help.

Masood is quick to realise that Belinda is after money, but then there’s the matter of his burgeoning feelings for her. The result is an ultimatum: either he’ll give her a loan but their relationship has to be strictly business – or he won’t give her a loan and they can make a proper go of being a couple. Faced with such a stark choice, what will Belinda say?

As the drama unfolds, Belinda tries to remain positive about the bailiffs coming after having a sale at Elysium but receives a distraction in the form of a birthday card from an old friend. Crumbling under the mounting pressure, she loses her cool with Stacey at the salon when it all gets too much.

Meanwhile, Denise hears from Zainab, who has some surprising news. Despite asking Denise to keep it a secret she goes ahead and tells Masood, who mulls over what he learns. 

So will Belinda be able to save her business from financial ruin? Will she give a relationship with Masood a go? And will the news about Zainab influence Mason’s actions?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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