Coronation Street: murder suspect Maria makes a bloody discovery!

A clear motive and a pair of bloodied scissors won’t help her case...


Ever since Caz’s mysterious disappearance on a a truly horrifying Halloween, Maria has been in the frame for her murder. And next week’s Coronation Street will see Maria alienating herself from fellow Weatherfield residents before getting a nasty shock when she finds scissors covered with blood in her hairdressing bag!


The upcoming drama will see Maria first discover that all of her clients have heard she’s suspected of murder and cancelled their appointments. Feeling low, she sees Tyrone and Michelle talking and mistakenly accuses them of bitching about her.


When Michelle tries to explain Maria lashes out, pushing Michelle and shoving her stomach against the bar. Robert rushes to Michelle’s aid while Eva escorts a tearful Maria home.


Eva tells her to admit to her sham marriage before anyone finds out and it makes her look worse than she already does. Meanwhile, is there someone lurking in Maria’s flat?


Maria eventually comes clean to the police about her sham marriage to Pablo but insists that she isn’t lying about Caz. The officers let her walk free but tell her there will be an investigation. Back at the flat, Maria feels unsettled when she’s alone. Kirk comes to check the place over with Beth and Peanut and reassures Maria that she’s safe there, even if she doesn’t feel it.

But Maria’s fears are confirmed when she discovers that Caz bought a laptop from a shop a few doors down from Pablo’s flat in London, proving that she followed her down there.

By this point, Aidan and Eva have taken Maria’s side, leading them to argue with Kate, who is convinced that Maria had something to do with Caz’s disappearance. In a bid to prove that Caz is still alive, Maria and Aidan go looking for her in local homeless shelters but to no avail.

Things get even worse, though, when the police inform Maria that they know she had a motive to kill Caz: she knew about the sham marriage. Aidan and Maria return to the flat and try to suppress their feelings for each other, before a horrified Maria pulls a pair of bloodied scissors out of her hairdressing bag.


At that very moment the police turn up with a search warrant. Aidan quickly hides the scissors in his pocket and makes a dash for it, later disposing of them in a factory bin and narrowly missing Tyrone catching him in the act.

When Eva hears about the scissors she’s worried for Maria’s safety and suggests that Aidan should stay in the flat with her. Aidan hesitates but ultimately agrees. Little does she know that she’s forcing the pair closer together…

So is Maria in danger? Were the scissors hidden well enough? And with a police nvestigation ongoing, how can Maria extricate herself from this mess?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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