Coronation Street: Michael seals his fate by making an enemy of Phelan?

He’s on to the villainous fraudster but will Phelan get his own back?


Dodgy scammer Pat Phelan continues to pull the wool over Eileen’s eye,s but next week’s Coronation Street see Michael’s suspicions heightened when he overhears more than he should. Phelan is not someone you want to annoy, but Michael will do just that when he steps into a poker game in the Rovers and trounces him.


The drama unfolds after Gail goes to the hospital to visit Anna in David’s place, fearing that if he goes he might confess to everything. Michael accompanies her and when Gail leaves the hospital room to get a cup of tea, he tells Anna his fears about Phelan.

Meanwhile, Eileen is distraught when she thinks she may be going deaf, but Phelan finds the whole thing very amusing. When Eileen’s hearing is restored after she has them syringed, Phelan masks his guilt by making a big speech about how much she means to him.

Michael, however, is onto him. He notices Vinny and Phelan scheming and discussing their plans in the pub, but exactly how much does he hear?

When Freddie suggests a game of rummy, Phelan and Vinny pressure him into a poker game instead – and Michael intervenes and joins the table to stop Freddie being fleeced.

It turns out Michael’s a dab hand at poker and he wins the game decisively, leaving Phelan furious and determined to get his own back. So has Michael just made an enemy of the most deceitful and calculating man on the street? When Pat Phelan is out to get you, it’s probably not going to end well…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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