Freeview film of the day: Frankenweenie

Tim Burton is off the leash with this canine caper


Frankenweenie ★★★★
4.40-6.00pm BBC2 


The very idea that a stop-motion animation filmed in black-and-white could be released in IMAX 3D is reason enough to love Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie. The result is, for some, even better than Burton’s live-action efforts from the last decade (I would certainly take it over Dark Shadows or Big Eyes). Originally filmed by Burton in 1984 as a short, this feature version is a full-blown suburban-Gothic extravaganza. The term “affectionate parody” doesn’t quite do justice to the story, in which a school-age Victor Frankenstein reanimates his own beloved, recently deceased dog, Sparky, with predictably unpredictable results. He isn’t the only undead creature in this cautionary tale of scientific intervention (look out for the mutant sea monkeys) that offers roles to Burton rep players Martin Landau and Winona Ryder and allows cineastes to play spot the reference. The climax involving a windmill and flaming torches is straight out of a 1930s Universal horror.


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