Coronation Street: Test results reveal that Steve DOESN’T have myotonic dystrophy

Steve and Michelle get the results they’ve been hoping for


It’s been weighing heavy on their minds for weeks but Michelle and Steve finally received the test results they’ve been waiting for in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street.


They revealed that Steve does not have the genetic muscle wasting disease myotonic dystrophy, and therefore his daughter Amy and unborn children won’t inherit it from him either.

The wait was a tense one. Early on in the episode Michelle seemed preoccupied and it all became clear when Amy went on her iPad and discovered she’d been Googling abortion clinics.

Upset, Amy ran out onto the street where Leanne and Robert asked her what was wrong. She blurted out “Well you would never get rid of your baby, would you?” Robert was stunned to hear that Michelle’s pregnant. 


Leanne went round to see Michelle, who broke down, telling her about her fears for the future if Steve and the baby were to have MD. “I don’t know anything anymore, do I? And I’m scared”, she sobbed.

The dramatic irony was heightened when Michelle, unaware that Leanne faces exactly the same worries she does, asked her “What would you do if there was a chance that your baby could have this condition?” “I can’t make the decision for you” Leanne replied, sheepishly.

Michelle later tried to explain to Amy why she had been thinking about an abortion, telling her that there may be something wrong with the baby.


 After a heart-to-heart with Robert during which he told her “Don’t make the decision because you think you’re weak. You’re stronger than you think”, she went home to reassure Amy she had decided to keep the baby.


Leanne, spooked by the fact Michelle had been considering her options, asked Nick how he was feeling. He told her that he would stick by her no matter what Steve’s test results were.

Finally, Steve walked into The Rovers and announced “All clear. Fit as a butcher’s dog”. He hugged mum Liz before telling everyone they could celebrate with a bottle of the second cheapest fizzy white.


How will Leanne react when she finds out about Steve’s results and will she be able to hide her relief?

Now that Steve’s in the clear it rules out any potential questions which might have been raised if either one or both of his babies had been born with the condition. This particular crisis has been averted, but there’s plenty more that could be revealed… Will Steve’s secret come out?

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