Freeview film of the day: Tombstone

Kurt Russell wears the ’tache and walks the walk as Wyatt Earp


Tombstone  ★★★★ 


10.00pm-12.30am C5
Riding into town through the dust cloud of revisionist westerns generated by the success of Unforgiven in 1992, Tombstone arrived at the same time as Wyatt Earp, Posse, The Ballad of Little Jo and Geronimo: an American Legend, with Dead Man and The Quick and the Dead not far behind. Shot in Arizona with an eye for authenticity by George Pan Cosmatos – the late Greco-Italian director most famous for Rambo: First Blood, Part II – Tombstone has Kurt Russell as a grizzled Earp, Val Kilmer as his pal Doc Holliday and Sam Elliott as Earp’s brother, in a long, sometimes talky tale of opium dependency, gambling and internecine gunplay in the titular boomtown. A nod to Bruce Broughton’s soundtrack (he also scored Silverado), and support players Billy Zane and Powers Boothe. Robert Mitchum, unable to appear due to injury, narrates instead – a nice touch.


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