EastEnders: Has Honey sussed out Denise’s secret? Watch the preview clip

“You’re up to something”, says Honey


Denise Fox has been trying to conceal the fact that she is pregnant at the age of 47 with Phil Mitchell’s baby, but in tonight’s episode of EastEnders Honey cottons on to the fact that something strange is going on.


Denise’s sister Kim has been pestering her to tell Libby and Chelsea about the pregnancy, but Denise is preoccupied with getting ready for a mysterious night out. When Kim comes to the Minute Mart to ask if Denise can babysit that night she says she can’t because she’s got her class to go to.

Honey is suspicious, and casually mentions that classes at the community centre have been cancelled this week to make way for the children’s play scheme.

A shifty Denise tries to brush it off but Honey’s twigged that something’s going on. “You’re up to something”, she says.


Now that her suspicions have been raised will she continue to snoop? And will Denise be rumbled? Watch the preview clip below.

EastEnders returns tonight at 7:30pm

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