Neighbours spoilers: Sonya’s surrogacy causes waves, Tyler’s joyride requires a cover up, Elly must decide what to do about Angus

Everything you need to know about the episode broadcast on Channel 5 on Tuesday 1st November


Sonya is convinced that Tim Collins is behind her surrogacy hitting the headlines which sees the whole of Ramsay Street reacting to the news. She believes it is his attempt to get her to resign as mayor. Sonya decides to take action, but could her snap decision have unwanted consequences down the line?


Meanwhile, Tyler wakes up in the driver’s seat of Tim Collins; sports car after his joy ride ends in a crash in the bushes. Ben assumes the car has been stolen, and Tyler isn’t going to correct him.

Elsewhere, Susan is suspicious that Elly and Angus are seeing each other behind her back, and Elly finds it hard to keep quiet after her unwanted kiss with Angus.

Watch the full episode on Channel 5 on Tuesday 1st November at 1.45pm and 5.30pm

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