Hollyoaks: Lives are at risk at the Halloween Spooktacular

Killer Nico Blake is on the loose- will everyone make it out alive?


Hollyoaks are going all out for an epic Halloween in next week’s episodes, when the Spooktacular- complete with a giant Ferris-wheel, a maze and a fire display team- descends on Chester. 


Teenage serial killer Nico Blake is on the loose at the event and both Sienna and Warren worry about whether she will strike again. Peri is terrified of being back in the bunker with Nico and Tom is in fear of his life when she corners him in the fortune teller’s tent.


After opening the Spooktacular, Jude is confronted by Cindy. She demands to know whether the housing development is a scam. She sees how much money Jude has stolen, but so does Liam, who decides to steal the cash for Eva. Jude is frantic when she realises the bag stuffed with money has gone missing.


Jesse is chuffed when he’s asked to be a part of the fire display team. When he and Celine get lost in the maze he ends up telling her he loves her and they kiss.

On the way out of the maze he drops the fire stick he’d been given earlier by the fire display team- could this have dramatic consequences later? Nico runs into the maze with Sienna in hot pursuit.


Meanwhile, Mercedes and Joe go for a spin on the Ferris-wheel. When the ride comes to a stop thanks to meddling Joanne, who takes they key out of the control booth, they are forced to talk to each other.


Joe imagines what their future together could be like- will Mercedes thaw? Stuck up on the wheel, their friends try to get them down.

Later in the week, Jude and Cindy make several attempts to get back the stolen cash from Liam and eventually succeed. Cindy asks Jude to remain in Hollyoaks- will she stay?


Eva, however, doesn’t care about the money anymore and asks Liam to kill Jack. On the day of Billy’s funeral, Eva is incensed when she sees Jack laying a wreath and vows to kill him herself. Armed with a gun, she heads over to the Osborne’s.

After Sally discovers Jude’s company was a scam she points the police in the direction of Cindy and Dirk. Cindy flees to the Osborne’s but finds the place deserted. Did everyone make it out alive?


You can watch Hollyoaks’ seriously spooky Halloween Spooktacular trailer below.