Did you spot all these sneaky easter eggs in Black Mirror season three?

Could all of Charlie Brooker’s dystopian tales be set in the same Universe?



What episode is this?

The one where the easygoing and thrill-seeking Cooper (Wyatt Russell) is roped into an all-too-realistic horror game.

What Easter eggs are there?

There’s quite a few references to previous episodes here, stemming from all three series…

To 15 Million Merits (series 1)

Quite an obvious one this: Sonja, Cooper’s new London friend is played by Hannah John-Kamen – the same Hannah John-Kamen who played Selma Telse in the series one episode (the first winner of X-Factor-style show Hot Shots). Could Playtest be showing part of Sonja’s past?

To White Bear (series two)

Remember that 8-bit-esque symbol plastered around the second episode of series two? That appears on top of the equipment that transforms into the hit-the-gopher-game.

To Hated in the Nation (series three)

A blink and you’ll miss it moment: The magazine Sonja holds up showing Shou Saito, CEO of Saito, also references a company called Granular. Of course, Granular are the company behind the killer bees in the series three feature-length finale.



Shut Up and Dance

Men Against Fire


Hated in The Nation