Matt LeBlanc and Dakota Fanning reunite 12 years after she was in Friends

And LeBlanc’s reaction is that of a great aunt: “You’re so big!”


Matt LeBlanc and Dakota Fanning have reunited after appearing in Friends together in the last season of the show in 2004. 


In an episode entitled The One with Princess Consuela, Fanning played a little girl called Mackenzie, who lived in the house Monica and Chandler wanted to buy. She was the daughter who didn’t want her parents to sell the house, and Joey was the guy who didn’t want his friends to buy it, so they struck up an odd friendship.

The episode was during Joey’s phase of being afraid of little girl ghosts – a classic phenomenon – and Chandler convinced him that Mackenzie wasn’t real, and that a little girl had lived in the house but died 30 years ago.

To be fair to Joey, Fanning did go onto appear in Hide and Seek the following year, which is a completely terrifying horror movie.

So when LeBlanc saw Fanning last week (who had been nine years old when the episode was filmed and is now 22) on Live! With Kelly, he said: “Long time, no see! You’re so big,” and gesturing with his hands, “You were like this when I saw you last!”

Fanning then admitted she had been totally starstruck when she met the Friends star, and that she behaved so oddly that her mother had asked: “What has happened to you? Like, what is wrong?” 


Matt LeBlanc is returning to be the lead presenter on his second series of Top Gear, while Dakota Fanning will next appear in American Pastoral, a drama co-starring Ewan McGregor and Jennifer Connelly, later this year.