EastEnders films multiple endings for Ronnie and Roxy’s exits – and might others be leaving too?

A show insider hints at more departures in the months ahead


EastEnders is to film multiple endings for Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell as they try to keep details of their upcoming exits a secret.


Actresses Samantha Womack and Rita Simons are leaving the BBC1 soap in the coming months and speculation is mounting as to what their final scenes will involve.

The latest speculation from The Sun has Ronnie and Roxy meeting their maker in a swimming pool-related accident, but RadioTimes.com can confirm that there are a number of options being shot.

A spokesperson said today: We know how much our audience hate to have future storylines spoilt, so we do not comment on speculative stories. However, knowing there’s huge excitement about the departure of the iconic Mitchell sisters, to keep this plot under wraps we are filming various different endings.

“We want this to be one of those moments that the audience only get to see when they switch on. Even the cast do not know exactly which ending will be broadcast.”

Commenting this morning about their irritation that storylines are being leaked, an insider added to RT: “It’s a terrible shame that someone chooses to leak our story lines; it only ruins the fun for everyone. You wouldn’t read the last page of a book before you start reading it, so why would you want to know the ending of a story before it begins?

“Bosses take leaks extremely seriously and anyone found to be doing it risks losing their job. They have some classic EastEnders moments coming up that they really want the audience to see for themselves without reading about it first, so they are taking extra precautions around this massive story.”

And they also raised the prospect of other surprise exits, hinting that Womack and Simons might not be the only two leaving the Square:

“The departure of Ronnie and Roxy has so much speculation around it already that bosses are keeping everything under wraps. There are even rumours that there is so much secrecy, there could be more shock departures. It may not be just the sisters that will be leaving…”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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