Cat invades Turkish news studio, makes itself at home

Why aren't all news anchors feline?


If the Internet has proved one thing, it’s that people care more about cats than serious journalism.


Welcome to the future.

According to the Hurriyet Daily News, the stray popped up on the show Good Morning Denizli on local station DRT. Presenter Kudret Çelebioğlu kept his cool, although did call on the production team to remove his “surprise guest”. Meanwhile the cat did cat stuff, padding all over Kudret’s papers and rolling around on Kudret’s laptop in an attempt to attract his attention.

Obviously this is amazing, but while this was not a planned incident, cats have been starring on Japanese news for decades. The weekly news programme Shuukan News Shinsho features its own ‘idol‘ called Nya Nya, who helps defuse tension during serious discussions.


And right here in Britain, we have Molly on This Week.