The best Star Wars toy in history has been announced

Dear Santa...


You can keep your Millennium Falcons and store your lightsabers where they don’t light up, because Santa never brought us the Star Wars toy we always wanted.


Until now.


If you’re not squealing right now, then you’re not a true fan.

No, really, you recognise it, right?

OK, fine, here’s something to jog your memory.

It’s the wee mouse droid that Chewbacca scares on the Death Star! After all these years, we finally can chase him around ourselves!

It’s remote control, makes noises and runs on rechargeable batteries, but there is one snag: it’s only coming to Disney’s theme parks. 

(What are you still doing here? A true fan would already be booking tickets.)


At last, a chance to make our Mouse Droid: Jedi Warrior fan fiction a reality.