Quidditch fan theory will hit you in the head like a bludger

Harry Potter keeps coughing up secrets and snitches


OK, we’re going to be straight with you here, this is a silly one. But it made us laugh on a grey Wednesday morning, and sometimes that’s enough.


Quidditch: the most popular sport in the wizarding world and, like a lot of magical pastimes, one with a silly name.

According to the authoritative history Quidditch Through the Ages by J.K. Rowling, the sport gets its name from the ‘Queerditch Marsh’ where the first game was played.

But Reddit used PaneerKoMaya spotted something that might point to a different origin.

That’s so brilliant we’re willing to overlook the slightly hazy spelling. (Where’d the i come from?)


Well done Harry Potter fans. You remain a shining light in dark times.