Kylo Ren’s reaction to the new Star Wars Rogue One trailer is priceless

He basically wants to finish what they started - once and for all!


When the latest trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story dropped, it’s safe to say Star Wars fans were elated – but there was one person who approached the whole thing with a degree of caution – Kylo Ren.


The Force Awakens’ angsty anti-hero would obviously be skeptical about watching an ode to The Rebellion, but nobody could imagine just HOW infuriated he’d be by it.

Or how much we’d understand why he was so angry about those last few shots. We feel your pain, youngling. We feel your pain.

UPDATE: Yep, the YouTuber responsible for this little series, Auralnauts, is at it again, posting Kylo’s new reaction to the latest Rogue One trailer.


So much anger. So little time.