Neighbours: David and Leo find their missing father? Plus Tyler is left devastated

24-28 October 2016: And Amy is humiliated when Leo stands her up on their date


Monday 24 October


Tyler is determined to make a final decision about Piper, but as he mulls over his choice she turns to someone else. Terese asks Gary out, but her chance is ruined by the announcement of a surprise visitor. Leo plays a dangerous game to get his hands on market research material for Paul. 

Tuesday 25 October

Xanthe’s mother Brooke tries to explain her disappearance to her heartbroken daughter. Tyler is stunned when he discovers that Piper spent the night with Angus. Leo pulls out all the stops to convince Amy to go out on a date with him. 

Wednesday 26 October

David tracks down the man he believes to be his father, but the skittish Bradley panics and attacks him. Sheila sets out to get proof of her doubts about Brooke and her reasons for arriving in Erinsborough. Paul and Elly’s concerns prove founded when Leo stands up Amy on their date. 

Thursday 27 October

Leo is hit hard by Bradley’s disappearance from hospital, and David tries to track down his ex-wife. Amy gets the full story about Leo standing her up and softens to him. With Brad’s health deteriorating, he calls on Terese to reveal the truth of his illness, and a compelling secret about his will. 


Friday 28 October

Lauren is alarmed when Brad talks about his time being up and begs Karl for help. Simone manipulates Jack into asking her to stay. Angus tries to impress Elly by getting a tattoo. Steph receives some devastating news and makes a shattering decision.