Coronation Street: Tracy and Simon to blame Peter for Ken’s stroke

Tensions are set to rise in the Barlow family, but is Peter here to stay?


The finger of blame is to be pointed in Peter Barlow’s direction in the aftermath of Ken’s stroke. Upcoming episodes of Coronation Street will see Peter shown the door by Tracy after she levels blame at him for Ken’s ill health.


Next week’s visits to Weatherfield see Ken suffering with the after-effects of his stroke, with Tracy left worried when he slurs his words and struggles to speak. However, Tracy is assured by doctors that her dad will recover over time.

Meanwhile, Steve comes across Peter sneaking around in the ginnel. He offers him a place to stay at the Rovers after Peter admits that his new life in Portsmouth didn’t exactly go to plan and that he wants to stay on the Street.


Later in the week, Tracy tells Simon that Peter is to blame for Ken’s stroke and she has told him to leave the area. Peter then visits his dad in hospital and asks him whether he’d like him to follow Tracy’s orders and go, waiting with baited breath for answer. But it seems that Ken gets some comfort from having Peter around.


Peter pleads with Tracy, asking her to give him a chance to make amends with his dad. But she makes him call every member of the family to break the news of Ken’s stroke.

During a hospital visit later in the week, Peter and Audrey walk in on Simon sitting by Ken’s bedside. Simon makes it clear how he feels about Peter, snapping at him in front of an embarrassed Audrey. Ken is clearly frustrated that he is too unwell to intervene and it pains him to hear Simon treating Peter in this way. When Simon insists they should all do a crossword Ken finally loses his temper and tells him to leave.

However, just when it seems that Peter might be getting somewhere with his dad, a doctor informs both of them that Ken is suffering from aphasia, a language and communication problem. In broken and jumbled speech, Ken tells Peter that he should leave and that he doesn’t want any more visitors in future.

Will Ken’s condition improve? Will Peter be able to mend his relationship with his father? And will Simon and Tracy reconsider their views and stop blaming him for Ken’s stroke? 

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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