Coronation Street: Steve gets his test results – but is it good or bad news?

Has Steve inherited myotonic dystrophy?


It’s set to be a week fraught with stress and worry for Michelle and Steve next week in Coronation Street as they wait for test results confirming whether or not Steve has inherited myotonic dystrophy. If he has, there is a chance that their baby (and Leanne’s) might also inherit the hereditary condition.


Early on in the week, Amy is delighted when Liz lets the cat out of the bag and tells her Michelle is pregnant. She can’t wait to become a big sister. However, Michelle is fuming with Liz when she finds out that Amy knows.

While Steve and Amy happily build a cot for the new baby together, Michelle is eaten up by worries about the future. She is so torn apart by the thought of both her husband and her child possibly being unwell that she even considers having an abortion.

Later in the week, though, Amy is stunned when she picks up Michelle’s iPad and sees abortion clinics in the search history. After a distressed Amy confides in Leanne and Robert, both of them try to console Michelle. But unbeknownst to her, Leanne is desperate to know what Steve’s results will be as they will affect her baby, too.

When she tells Michelle that she knows about her plans for an abortion, Michelle bursts into tears and pours her heart out. Can Leanne, the mother of Steve’s unborn love child, offer Michelle support?

Robert, despite his initial shock that Michelle is pregnant, reassures and supports her. He tells her what she needs to hear – that she will be a great mother to the baby no matter what happens. Ultimately, Michelle tells Amy that she has decided to keep the baby.

Meanwhile, Nick vows to stick by Leanne’s side no matter what the test results reveal. And by the end of the week, Steve and Michelle are heading off to a meeting with the genetic counsellor…

But what will be the outcome of the tests? Does Steve have a degenerative disease and has he passed it on to the two babies he has on the way?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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