Coronation Street: Michelle to get an abortion? “She doesn’t know what to do for the best,” says Kym Marsh

The stress is proving to be too much for Michelle in next week's episodes of the ITV soap


A beleaguered Michelle is to consider having a termination in next week’s Coronation Street when her fears about her unborn baby’s health proves too much to bear.


Upcoming episodes will see Michelle waiting for test results that will confirm confirm whether or not husband Steve has myotonic dystrophy. As Michelle’s fears grow that their baby may have inherited the hereditary condition, she seriously considers getting an abortion.

Here, actress Kym Marsh reveals more about Michelle’s state of mind and what the future holds for her on-screen marriage…

How has Michelle been feeling since Steve’s health blow?
She’s extremely worried. After her 12-week scan, she was finally getting excited about the pregnancy when Steve dropped the bombshell about his call from Jim. Now she can think of nothing else. She doesn’t know what’s going to happen.

Why is she thinking about an abortion?
She doesn’t know what to do for the best. She’s worried that she might end up having a situation where her husband is ill and they have a child who is also ill, and she really doesn’t know if she could cope. It isn’t something she’s thinking about lightly.

Does she speak to Steve about her fears?
Yes, she does but it’s hard for Steve as he’s worried too. Obviously, she doesn’t know that Steve is also worrying about Leanne’s child. She has confided in Leanne, which is the worst thing she could have done as she doesn’t realise this has completely freaked her out too.

How does Amy find out about the pregnancy?
The way it comes out is not ideal. Liz ends up telling her because Michelle has been really snappy with her and Liz tries to explain that she’s hormonal because she’s pregnant. Michelle is looking at abortion information online and Amy finds the pages on her iPad and is devastated. It is all a real mess.

She has a heart-to-heart with Robert – tell us about that…
It comes about when she ends up getting upset about Amy confronting her about the abortion. She and Robert haven’t really seen eye to eye but suddenly he’s someone who’s being calm and listening to her. He tells her she can be strong and deal with it. He is the opposite to Steve in that he can stand back and be rational. Steve just goes into panic mode.

If you were a friend of Michelle’s what advice would you give her now?
I would just tell her to keep calm and wait. Try not to think the worst and talk to people – don’t keep it bottled up.

How has filming this story with Simon (Steve) and Jane (Leanne) been?
We are really enjoying working together. We keep comparing our bumps and we both stand there patting our bellies! The thing is they are uncomfortable to wear and they make you waddle, so we both keep laughing at each other. We also know how big this storyline is going to get in the coming months, so it’s exciting to be working on something which is a slow burner and has so many twists and turns in the plot. This one is just the latest one – there’s more to come.

Do you think there is any chance Michelle would be able to forgive Steve for getting Leanne pregnant?
I don’t think so. I just don’t see how she could forgive him. Who knows what will happen in the future? But certainly I think the reveal of all of this could spell the end of Michelle and Steve for the time being.

 You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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