Coronation Street: Caz spreads shock lies about Maria!

But will the Corrie schemer be taken at her word?


We’ve seen Caz plumb the depths of immorality before but the deceit and manipulation will be dialled up a notch next week in Coronation Street, when she seems to tell barefaced lies to everyone she encounters.


First, hoping he’ll feel sorry for her, she tells Kirk that she’s heading to Nottingham to search for a place to live and she will be back only temporarily in order to collect her belongings. A couple of days later, upon her return, she makes out that she had no luck in Nottingham. Kirk reminds her that Maria will be back next Monday, so she had better be gone by then.

Later in the week, Caz acts out an entirely fictional row with Maria on the phone in front of ex-girlfriend Kate. She explains that she has nowhere to stay, but Kate is unimpressed and says she couldn’t care less.


Finally, in a last-ditch effort to gain some sympathy, she cries crocodile tears in front of Tyrone, telling him that Maria has lost the plot and is sending her abusive texts. Tyrone takes this at face value and is completely deceived by Caz’s lies.

So what will happen when Maria returns and discovers the malicious gossip Caz has been spreading? And will Caz succeed in her plan to stay put in Weatherfield?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below


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