Latest movies: Inferno, Storks, American Honey

Hanks in hell, high-flying birds and free spirits on the open road




Tom Hanks, Ron Howard and novelist Dan Brown are all hot properties in Hollywood, but their latest collaboration is getting a lukewarm reception from critics. Once again, Hanks plays stuffed shirt Dr Robert Langdon in a frenzied sightseeing tour that goes from Italy to Istanbul. Sadly, there is no time to stop for selfies as a deadly virus is about to be unleashed.


Though not the cutest of critters, this animated yarn reminds us that storks were once credited with delivering babies. Yes, it’s a warm and fuzzy family movie, which may be surprising when you consider that it’s written and directed by Nicholas Stoller (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him to the Greek). Plus, Andy Samberg of Saturday Night Live lends his voice.


Shia LaBeouf rides shotgun in a trippy American road movie from British writer/director Andrea Arnold. The real star of the show is newcomer Sasha Lane, a former waitress discovered by Arnold on a Florida beach where she was sunbathing with friends. Note the sizzling chemistry between Lane and LaBeouf that spilled over into real life, albeit briefly.



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