Neighbours: Brad collapses, while Paige is thrown when a woman from Jack’s past show up

17-21 October 2016: Plus the Canning Clan make their appearance on Family Feud


Monday 17 October


Gary arrives late for Family Feud training, and the family tension threatens to spill over into the show. Paige feels threatened when a woman from Jack’s past shows up. Terese catches Leo snooping around the Waterhole and he admits that he is working for Paul. 

Tuesday 18 October

The Cannings bicker amongst themselves as the cameras roll and Family Feud host Grant Denyer introduces them to Australia. Jack confesses to Simone that he broke his vow and slept with Paige. Amy decides to be honest about her feelings for David. 

Wednesday 19 October

Humiliated after David’s rejection, Amy seeks perspective from Leo. As Toadie tries to buoy Lauren’s mood after her return from hospital, she is rocked by a sudden turn in Brad’s health. Angus is over the moon when he is grounded for skipping school, because it means he can spend more time with Elly. 

Thursday 20 October

Brad’s mysterious illness weighs on Lauren’s heart, and when Karl sends her out of his room she assumes the worst. Sonya, Toadie, Mark and Steph face their first interview with their fertility doctor, but it soon becomes clear that they are keeping secrets from each other and their views begin to diverge. 


Friday 21 October

Nurse Eve recommends that Lauren get a second opinion on Brad. Relations between Steph and Mark are awkward following the surrogacy interview. Sonya uncovers the secret Toadie has been keeping. Tyler is inspired to act on his feelings for Piper.