Home and Away: the Morgans are rattled when Decker is hospitalised, plus Tabitha pushes Olivia close to the edge

17-21 October 2016: And Brody is troubled by disturbing memories of his mother


Monday 17 October


Brody is troubled by another odd memory of his mother. Duncan’s wife Caroline claims that she has turned up to check if he is okay after the plane crash, but Alf is suspicious. Justin puts his relationship with Phoebe on the line and tells her the truth about Decker. 

Tuesday 18 October

A visit from Decker sparks Brody to recall a key piece of his memory of his mother. Justin continues to evade Decker’s attempts to contact him, so Decker shows up on Phoebe’s doorstep and implores her to help him. Kat and Ash’s newly repaired friendship is going well, and she starts to wonder if the universe is telling her she should be with him. 

Wednesday 19 October

When he discovers that Decker was forced off the road, Justin heads off in search of answers. Ash is unconvinced that he still has a chance with Kat, but Billie is adamant that he is right for her. Olivia confronts Tabitha after she badmouths her online, but Tabitha warns her that she has not even started. 

Thursday 20 October

Mason and Evelyn rekindle their friends with benefits arrangement, but Matt warns Mason that somebody will get hurt. Olivia is the victim of another online attack from Tabitha. Zac convenes a special assembly at school to shine a light on the dangers of cyber-bullying. John is inspired to do something romantic for Marilyn. 


Friday 21 October

Mason decides to come clean to Evelyn and admit that he is falling for her. Marilyn suspects that Chris is her secret admirer and forces John to reveal the truth. Ellie is reluctant to accept support from Matt and Evelyn. Leah and Billie discuss baby names, and Leah suggests that giving the child a family name will tie the two families together.