Why Pointless will never ‘do a Bake Off’ and quit the BBC

"If Channel 4 offered us three times the amount of money, I would say no"


Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong have promised that BBC quiz show Pointless will never follow in the footsteps of the Great British Bake Off and move to Channel 4 – because “some things are more important than money.”


There has been a public outcry since Love Productions signed a surprise deal with Channel 4, moving the beloved BBC baking show to a new home next year for a reported £75 million. Mel quit, Sue quit, even Mary Berry quit, leaving Paul Hollywood to fly the flag by himself in an empty tent. 

“Genuinely, the answer would be, we would never sell it,” co-host and show creator Osman told the audience at Cheltenham Literature Festival. “Never, ever, ever.

“And with Bake Off they offered them three times the deal, fine. If Channel 4 offered us three times the amount of money, I would say no.

“I would say no because the show doesn’t just belong to us now, it belongs to the BBC as well. They’ve looked after it and nurtured it. And you know – we started as a little afternoon show, and they’ve taken care of it and they’ve looked after us and they’ve been lovely. And some things are more important than money.”

Armstrong also became sentimental about the quiz show’s loyal following, adding: “Pointless belongs to its audience as well. This audience found us. We were put out to start with on BBC2 in the middle of the afternoon, which is not an easy place to find a show, I can tell you that.


“And yet we were found, and people stuck with us, and that’s an audience that we have to honour as well.”