The Night Manager producer hints at a possible series two

Could Tom Hiddleston return to the BBC?


Spy thriller The Night Manager was one of the biggest TV hits of the year, so it makes sense that a sequel would be well-received.


However, the drama was based on the John Le Carré novel of the same name which, ermm, doesn’t have a sequel.

But wait – producer Simon Cornwell, who also happens to be Le Carré’s son, has suggested it could still be a possibility.

“Of course, the broadcasters would love to do another series,” he said at a Royal Television Society event last night.

“There’s no book and there’s never been a Le Carré story that has been extended beyond the confines of the novel. It would be interesting to try that.”

However, he stated that it would have to be even better the real thing – not exactly an easy task.

“We wouldn’t do something that we didn’t feel had a fighting chance of being even better than the first one. We might not succeed, but I think if you don’t go in with ambition, there’s actually no point in doing it.”


Will they be willing to give it a try? Let’s hope they take the risk…