Cold Feet devastated viewers last night with Pete’s “suicide”

The darkest episode of the series yet was especially poignant on World Mental Health Day


Cold Feet viewers went into a state of shock last night as the depressive Pete (John Thomson) threw himself off the edge of a cliff.


But just when the audience’s nerves were completely torn to shreds, and we could see Pete lying in a pool of his own blood, it cut back to him standing on the precipice, and the realisation hit that he had simply been picturing what would happen if he’d jumped.

Millions of Cold Feet fans have been hooked on this reboot series, and particularly moved by the storyline of Pete’s escalating depression, which was exacerbated last night when Jenny (Fay Ripley) insisted that Chloe meet her biological dad Grant.

Fans flooded Twitter to praise the show’s poignancy on World Mental Health Day, and many said they were left in tears:

Some were already predicting awards for the revived series.

And his impressive drumming:


Cold Feet continues on Monday at 9pm on ITV