Freeview film of the day: Support Your Local Sheriff!

James Garner is your guide to the wild (and wacky) west


Support Your Local Sheriff! ★★★★
5.50-7.45pm Movies4Men 


A charming comedy western starring James Garner as an Easterner on his way to Australia who comes to Calendar, Colorado, where gold has been discovered and where a family of murderous desperadoes rules. Needing money, Garner becomes town sheriff and begins to clean the place up in a tale that gently but affectionately satirises the western genre. All the stock characters from more serious movies are to be found here along with familiar gunplay but much engaging humour is added, too. Chief heavies are played by Walter Brennan and Bruce Dern, romantic interest is provided by Joan Hackett and the great Garner dominates the film. 


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