Coronation Street: Peter to split up Nick and Leanne?

"Nick always has something to worry about when Peter's around," says actor Chris Gascoyne


Coronation Street star Chris Gascoyne has hinted that Peter Barlow’s return to Weatherfield could spell disaster for Nick and Leanne’s relationship.


“Nick always has something to worry about when Peter’s around,” said the actor. “Peter’s main hobby is to annoy Nick. He enjoys doing it. And there are lots of those kind of scenes. What Peter and Leanne have is really interesting and it’s great to be working with Jane Danson again. You’ll see Peter and Leanne’s relationship develop.”

Peter will be seen crossing paths with Leanne once again in next week’s episodes and Gascoyne promises that there’s plenty of drama to come for the on-off pair.

“There’s loads of unfinished business for Peter and Leanne. The writers are giving us conversations that Jane and I always wanted to have but never did. It’s satisfying for us and for the viewer too, I hope.”

As for how Ben Price feels about the possible demise of Nick and Leanne’s relationship, the actor joked: “I like Chris Gacoyne in real life. But I hate Peter Barlow. Nick had a nightmare with Carla, he got Leanne back and now Peter comes back. I’m sick of it! But that’s why the show works.

“Nick just wants Peter to stay out of the way, but you know he’s going to start causing trouble!”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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