Freeview film of the day: Iron Man Three

Robert Downey Jnr suits up again


Iron Man Three ★★★★
10.50pm-12.50am BBC1 


Robert Downey Jr returns as Tony Stark/Iron Man, playboy, wizard engineer and, of course, superhero, in another action-packed adventure. The main target audience may still be young men but this one also includes an element of romance with Gwyneth Paltrow, as Iron Man’s girlfriend, playing a bigger part than usual. As always, the storyline has the iron-suited one obliged to save the world from disaster but here he starts off at a huge disadvantage when Mandarin (Ben Kingsley), the arch villain, destroys his home with helicopter gunships, upsetting him greatly. Nor is Kingsley his only deadly enemy because there is also Guy Pearce, another very bad guy, who has created a virus that gives him superhuman strength, to contend with. The plot doesn’t bear close examination but the action sequences are terrific and the performances are fine, Kingsley being at his malevolent best, while Downey Jr is perhaps unique among superheroes in having a playful comedic side. 


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