The Great British Bake Off: Week 7 as it happened

Roulades, marjolaines and melting mousses: Find out everything that went on during Dessert Week of the Great British Bake Off


Sugar and spice and all things nice: that’s what Dessert Week is made of. Six bakers competed for a spot in the quarter-final and things were certainly hotting up in the tent.


Hotting up so much, in fact, that one contestant resorted to using a handheld fan to cool his cakes while mousses melted and bakers sweltered.

At the end of the day it was goodbye to former Star Baker Tom, while Andrew – who was looking shaky only last week – took his crown. Check out all the action with our Bake Off recap here…

8.58pm After a disastrous week, two-time star baker Tom is out. He is a good sport about it, saying: “It had to be me this week. There was no one else it should have been.”

Paul’s a bit sad. “This is the first time in the history of the Great British Bake Off that we’ve lost the winner of bread week,” he explains. “They normally make the final.”

8.56pm Well you can really tell Andrew is an engineer. Star Baker, of course.


8.55pm Paul likes Tom’s creations – but denies they are actually mousse. “I think your idea is fantastic. On another challenge,” he says. Ouch.

8.54pm Benjamina’s are a bit of a mess but so good Mary goes in for seconds. “It doesn’t look awfully good but it is lovely,” she says.

8.53pm Candice is the queen of presentation.


8.51pm Selasi presents his mega-mousses. Apparently he forgot about the word “mini”.

8.50pm Jane’s fleur de lis cakes are impossibly perfect. Mary tells her she has achieved a light mousse and Jane looks like she just received a passionate declaration of love.

8.48pm This is not a drill. EVERYTHING IS MELTING.


8.46pm “This is better than being at the gym,” says an ever-optimistic Jane as she legs it around the tent trying to create approximately 263 different mousses.

8.43pm The mini-fan is back! Tom is cranking it as fast as he can. Everyone is a bit frantic because it’s a hot day and none of the mousses are setting.


8.41pm Tom is trying to create something very, very complicated, leading to this exchange:

Paul: “I think you’re going to struggle.”

Tom: “I think so too.”

Paul: “Right.”

8.38pm Time to create 24 mini mousse cakes. Benjamina is doing an apple crumble mousse cake and Tom is also using apple. Are they friends to the core or are there seeds of competition?

8.35pm Time for The Chat. Jane and Selasi and Tom and even Candice are all in trouble. Is nobody safe?


8.33pm Having said he couldn’t bear to come last in the technical again, Selasi is 6th. Tom’s in 5th, Jane in 4th, Benjamina in 3rd, Candice 2nd and Andrew 1st. Apparently he wasn’t joking about this being his week.

8.31pm Gingham altar time. This is apparently what they should have been aiming for.


8.28pm Extreme tension as people work out how to cut their meringue. Having never seen one before, Andrew reckons he’s aiming for something like a “Vienetta but posher.” He’s actually not super far from the truth.


8.27pm Tom likes his “lovely stained glass praline” and wants to set it in his door.

8.25pm “Now we all know that nuts and caramel are an exquisite delightful combination. Like Berry and Hollywood they’re a match made in heaven,” says Mel. Oh Mel – little do you know that it’s all about to go horribly wrong.

8.22pm The technical challenge? A marjolaine. No, us neither.


8.18pm Paul and Mary are suspicious about why Tom has masked his roulade. It does look a bit like a log.


8.16pm Selasi and Benjamina’s wonderful friendship continues to grow. This time he feeds her a spoonful of his cooking and she is impressed with how sharp it is. Victory!


8.15pm Spurning the usual approach, Jane is rolling her chocolate and hazelnut roulade lengthways because… um… that’s how you get most slices? Not sure that is what Paul and Mary are looking for.

8.13pm Even the teeny-tiny pink fan has not helped Tom, who decides to start all over again. “This is week seven of bake off and good enough is not good enough any more,” he declares.

8.12pm Candice is creating a roulade using white chocolate, raspberry cheesecake and passion fruit, and she looks like the cat who got the (whipped) cream. “Look at that smile on her face. She knows it’s good!” Mary teases.

8.11pm Of course Tom is using a tiny pink hand-operated fan to cool down his sponge. Of course he is.


8.09pm Oop! Mary declares that she is hoping for “no crack whatsoever”. Nothing funny about that. Also nothing funny about Paul Hollywood explaining that he wants a big roulade to shove in his mouth. Nope.

8.06pm Mary is looking for a roulade with a spiral “like a Catherine wheel”. Hopefully aerospace engineer Andrew won’t take her too seriously and send actual sparks flying. It would be spectacular but probably bad for the show’s insurance premiums.


8.05pm Andrew narrowly avoided leaving last week, but he’s all peppy about getting stuck in to some more baking – “I’m a desserts man through and through” – and has “had a word” with himself about it all because that’s what you do when you’re British.

8.04pm Oh no! A preview shot of a frowning Selasi saying “disaster”. It takes a lot make Selasi stressed – will Dessert Week be his undoing?

5 Mins until #GBBO #DessertWeek – grab yourself a flan and your favourite spot on the couch!

— Thomas Gilliford (@Tom_gilliford) October 5, 2016


7.55pm You heard the man. Flans at the ready.