Clarkson, Hammond and May channel their Top Gear days on James Corden’s US chat show

This does not make for relaxing viewing


James Corden has put The Grand Tour trio through the most high speed and high intensity quiz ever. Probably. 


The Late Late Show presenter took Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May to the Willow Springs Race Course in the Mojave Desert, wagged his finger at them a bit, and told them the rules of the game.

The gist is this: they each have to do a lap around the course, and the fastest wins. But there’s a twist: James Corden will be quizzing them from the passenger seat. Each question they get wrong adds a second to their time. 

His questions range in seriousness. Some of them are maths related or test general knowledge, but other examples are: “Which character from Sex and the City are you?” (Clarkson reckons he’s Mr Big) and “Can turtles be happy?”.

Due to the fact that they are racing around a dirt track, Corden is very red in the face throughout the whole thing and he literally shrieks every question in terror.

The Grand Tour trio can be seen constantly bickering, as in their old Top Gear days.


The Grand Tour will be released on Amazon Prime on 18th November