Meet the cast of Ripper Street series four

The Victorian crime drama returns to the BBC tonight with some new faces in tow...

MyAnna Buring


Who does she play?


Long Susan Hart, the wife of Jackson.

Long Susan hasbecome a mother within the walls of Newgate prison, where she languishes awaiting execution for her part in the Leman Street locomotive disaster of 1894.

Her pregnancy won her a stay of execution two and half years ago but Long Susan can delay the noose no longer.

Charlene McKenna


Who does she play?

Rose Drake, formerly Rose Erskine.

Since we last saw her the years have treated Rose Drake well – but clouds are never far from the horizon in the chaotic world of Ripper Street. 

Her friend and confidant Susan Hart is soon to hang and Rose begins to fear that the echoes of her sinful past have made it impossible to conceive a child with the man she loves. 

David Threlfall


Who does he play?

The charismatic but villainous Abel Croker who knows the London docks like the back of his hand.

Croker maintains a façade of roguish charm but beneath it lurks a deeply dangerous man – as Jackson will discover.


There’s making a deal with the devil, and then there’s making a deal with Abel Croker.