First look at new CGI Dennis the Menace – The Beano goes digital for new CBBC series

The Beano’s just released a snapshot of their new CBBC show


It’s probably not best to embarrass him, but we feel it’s right to tell you Dennis the Menace first appeared in The Beano all the way back in March 1951.


Now, at 65 years old, the slingshot-wielding child terror and his dog Gnasher (now aged 455 in dog years) are getting a new look.

Why? The new series Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed, a new CGI show coming to CBBC in 2017.

Feast your eyes on the polished new computer-generated Dennis:

(Image via

Yes, he looks a lot friendlier than previous carnations of the badly-behaved schoolboy. But the biggest difference? Both Dennis and Gnasher have eyes that don’t connect in the middle. 


Very strange.


Anyway, here’s hoping Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed uses the same fantastic theme as 1990s Dennis…