Emmerdale: Rakesh gets desperate following break-up with Priya – will he end it all?

As the accusations fly about his closeness to Chrissie, Rakesh starts checking his life insurance policy - what is he planning?


Beleaguered Rakesh Kotecha will hit rock bottom next week on Emmerdale when wife Priya accuses him of having an affair with Chrissie White.


Viewers have already seen Chrissie lure Rakesh into a honey trap when she took an incriminating photograph of the two of them together. But when Priya finds the saucy snap, all hell breaks loose in the Woolpack.

Says Fiona Wade of the upcoming drama: “Priya has always been suspicious of Chrissie and she’s already thinking that Rakesh is having an affair. So she manages to get hold of Chrissie’s phone and sees the picture from when she tried to entice Rakesh into bed.

“So, in her mind, everything is now confirmed. She’s absolutely livid. When Rakesh arrives in the pub, thinking he’s getting a birthday party, she goes crazy at him and starts demanding answers.”


Scenes to be shown on Monday 10 October see Priya slapping Rakesh in front of all the pub regulars, furious that he’s been sleeping with Chrissie behind her back.

But Priya has only seized upon one small part of her husband’s deception. In reality, Rakesh has stolen, committed arson and put lives at risk in his bid to stay afloat financially. So how would Priya react were she to discover the truth?

“She’d be so mad,” says Wade. “Priya thinking that Rakesh has been sleeping with someone else is awful. But all the lies he’s told, burning down Mill, taking money from the factory – it’s horrendous. I don’t know how he’s going to get out of this one.”

In the aftermath of the Woolpack showdown, Priya wastes no time in getting revenge by spray-painting the word ‘whore’ on Chrissie’s car.


But for Rakesh, the situation gets even more desperate when he finds out that Mill is being repossessed. Then comes the blow of having his credit card declined at the B&B. Next Tuesday’s episode will see a broken Rakesh check his life insurance and write a letter for Priya – but just what is he planning?


“The viewers can see that Rakesh has been though a lot and that he’s done all this because he doesn’t want to let his wife down,” says Wade. “But the more this has gone on, the greater the damage he’s done to their marriage. If he’d told the truth from the beginning, maybe Priya would have sympathised more. It’s going to take a lot to come back from this, but we’ll have to wait and see, won’t we?”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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