Louis Walsh’s X Factor Judges’ Houses to be held in Ibiza

Walsh is back but he's not returning to Ireland, opting for the party island rather than the Emerald Isle


Contains series spoilers – do not read on if you do not want to know which category Walsh is mentoring this year


The Louis Walsh/Ireland Judges’ Houses joke is done, dusted, over as an insider confirms that this year he’s off, not to the Emerald Isle, but to the party island of Ibiza. 

Imagine the cool shades, the glow sticks, the dodgy Walsh dance moves he can pull out there? 


Walsh – unfortunately for ease of fun-poking – actually moved on from the classic trip to Ireland a while back (although, it is meant to be Judges’ Houses, so props to him for sticking to the rules for some long). In 2012 he whisked his Groups off to Las Vegas with Sharon Osbourne by his side. And in 2014 he took his Groups to Bermuda. In a pink hotel no less. 

He’s got the Groups again this year (so not all of the classic Walsh things have been ripped away from us) and, as we reported yesterday, we know he’s got more than one guest joining him, one of which will be a former X Factor winner. We’re backing Shayne Ward because Walsh won with him back in 2005, and well, that’s the only time that’s happened. You’d take your own former champ wouldn’t you? Unless he’s bagged Little Mix for their words of wisdom, what with being the only group to win it. Then it really would be a party. 


The X Factor returns soon to ITV